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  • A 50-min 'Jet Lag' spa treatment per guest (from 10am to 1pm). T & Cs apply
  • Join our weekly sunset cruise 
  • Daily Afternoon Tea from 4pm to 5pm
  • A signature Night Cap experience at 1 OAK Lounge after 9 pm
  • A unique, personalised local Maldives experience
  • Invitations to VIP events held during guest's stay
  • A bottle of sparkling wine
  • Five laundry items per villa per day
  • Private in-villa check in 

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The only such installation in the Maldives, SENSORA is a multisensorial immersive experience of exquisite beauty bringing peace to the mind and balance to the body. Developed by an innovative Canadian company, SENSORA combines light, sound and tactile sensation into a unique experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. The system illuminates your entire visual field with light patterns of pure colors, designed to stimulate the flow of positive-emotions neurotransmitters within your brain. SENSORA is clinically proven to help bring the mind at rest, effortlessly reducing stress and inducing deep relaxation. The best part is that it manages to do so without any negative side effects, since it works through our natural sensory channels. The cutting-edge multi-sensorial system Sensora interacts with various psychophysiological rhythms, brainwaves, breath, heartbeat and represents the perfect solution to:

o Achieve both deeper relaxation and enhanced alertness

o Peak performance

o Increase release of endorphins

o Treat anxiety, distress, mental tension

o Reduce chronic pain, fibromyalgia

o Improve depression and burnout, chronic fatigue

o Fight insomnia

o Improve labyrinthitis, tinnitus

o Balance physical and mental health


Choose your experience between RELAX, ENERGY, BALANCE and MEDITATION and select the session that suits you best.

Shorter sessions can be combined.


Soft, exquisite experiences suitable for all, for a gradual deep relaxation.

Choice of:
o Aqualight (water element / 2nd Chakra)
o Wind of Light (air element / 4th Chakra)
o Quiet Light (very soft, 5th & 6th Chakra)
o Night Light (for insomnia, trauma / sleep-inducing)
o Heart Light (for heart related issues, 4th Chakra - choose the type of session: Dynamic, Soothing or Mantric)
o Lateral Light* (10-15-20 mins)


Suitable for centering, gathering new energies and firing-up your creativity and inspiration. Sessions may be very intense.

Choice of:
o Chakra Journey (Harmonic stimulation of the 7 energy centers) | 25 minutes
o The Fire Within (Reduction of chronic pain and arthritis, extremely energizing – INTENSE) | 25 minutes
o Fibonacci (Jet lag, brings order in the body) | 25 minutes
o Rainbow Body (intense journey of transformation, energetic detox) | 25 minutes
o Cabaret Mystique (quick 5 mins pick-me-up session to sharpen and re-center the body, spectacular color fantasy) | 5 minutes
o Oceanic Light Breath (Breathing meditation, helps release stress & blockages - Therapeutic) | 25 minutes
o Scuba Joy (dive without diving!) | 20 minutes
o Lateral Light* | 10 minutes

*Lateral Light: powerful form of light therapy developed in Russia since the 90s, originating from the research of Dr. A.P. Chuprikov. It exploits brain laterality to influence, through the visual system, pathologies as depression, hypertension, heart rhythm problems, rheumatoid arthritis and drug addiction.


Harmonizing for the nervous system, good when feeling unstable to rebalance one’s energy. A true feast of colors!

Choice of:
o Rainbows (Colour bath sweeping through the full spectrum of colors) | 5 to 25 minutes
o Quantic Dream (Brain Reset) | 10 minutes
o Light Waves (For ocean lovers, invites peak performance) | 25 minutes


Extraordinary introduction to meditation. For the experienced meditator, a chance to explore deeper. This guided sessions are based on a technique given by Osho, a contemporary Master.

Choice of:
o The Inner Smile (Contact the timeless smile which is always present in your innermost core) |5 to 25 minutes
o Hands of Freedom (Discover the art of dancing with your hands and its deep connection with the brain) | 25 minutes

These sessions are deeply therapeutic and can be used as an add-on to other sessions.